New, Spring 2019

Twelve Canadian authors explore the spirit of Georgian Bay in these original and personal stories. Writers include; Ed Bartram, Judy Fong Bates, Joseph Boyden, Andrea Curtis, Nick Eyles, Katherine Govier, Wayne Grady, John Irving, David Macfarlane, Elizabeth MacCallum, Waubgeshig Rice, Susan Swan, with an introduction by Tom Smart, and a poem by Douglas LePan.

100 pages, hand printed on a Vandercook #4 proof press, hand set Cloister Old Style type, printed on hand made St. Armand paper, 14 wood engravings, with a hand coloured frontispiece on Gampi Torinoko, afterword by Alan Stein, bound into paste paper decorated hard covers by Don Taylor, limited edition of 100 copies. Signed by each of the authors.

The authors whose works comprise this volume were chosen because of the abiding influence Georgian Bay has exerted on their lives and writings. Their deep connections to Georgian Bay are expressed as prose poems, fictional narratives, autobiographical episodes, imagistic sketches, and as descriptive, perhaps invented passages from historical records. Alan Stein’s prints interpreting words as images, trace a personal iconography testifying to his own deep connection to the land and water and to the histories of the place.

The words and images you’ll encounter here point to the concord between today and deep history, between legend and the fluidity of memory, between the unfathomable lengths of geological time and how quickly we can fall under the spell and spirit of the bay.

Tom Smart